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  • i made this Good Manners Videos for children just to start a new bunch of videos in zaffron channel.

    Good habits and bad habits video is the first video of the series kids learning videos.

    Watch and enjoy good habits for children in english.

    There's a well known saying great good habits begin early.

    Since your children is old is sufficient to go to class and begin with the new learning period of his life, you should begin teaching him about significance of kids good manners too.

    i will write some examples of Good Manners For Children.

    list of good habits for children:

    1- Eat healthy food.
    2- Brushing his/her teeth.
    3- Go to bed early and take lots of sleep.
    4- exercise every day and play outdoors.
    5- Be responsible With money.
    6- wash your hands before you eat.
    7- learn table manners for children.

    Manners for Children is one of the essential topic that every parents should educate their pre-school kids about.

    Teaching Kids Manners need to be started early.

    The earlier your kid is introduced to them, the lesser effort he will have to make to inculcate them in his everyday life.

    This video also includes good habits pictures for kids, toddlers and students.

    In general, you can consider this videos as a lesson to learn good habits vs bad habits.

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